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Cover reveal for The Silk Romance – and it’s beautiful :)

I’m so excited to have the cover for my first novel, The Silk Romance.

Here it is.  Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?

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I’m indebted to designer Charlotte Volnek for all her ideas.  Although I’ve worked in the print industry for many years, and worked closely with graphic designers, I’m not a very good artist!  I gave Charlotte a few vague ideas of what I thought ought to appear on the cover: an image of Lyon’s historic old town, a picture of the heroine and a suggestion of silk.  Within a couple of days, Charlotte came up with this design.  I absolutely love it.  I especially love the suggestion of a Jacquard design in the watermark pattern, which you can see if you look closely.

I hope you love it as much as I do!  If you do, please let me know in the comments – I will pass your comments on to Charlotte.

8 thoughts on “Cover reveal for The Silk Romance – and it’s beautiful :)

  1. Helena – it is absolutely beautiful, from the sumptuous colours to the overall design. Also the inclusion of the old Lyon Street invites the reader in. You must be so pleased!


  2. Bonsoir Helena! The cover is stunning. Charlotte really did a good job. The red is rich and silky, the old town behind looks atmospheric and a little mysterious and the heroin is beautiful. What more could you want? Charlotte did a really good cover for The Lion’s Embrace for me, taking all my suggestions (which might have been a little too detailed!) to create a wonderful cover. Good luck with The Silk Romance. I am really looking forward to reading it (and not because it is set in my home tpwn)!


  3. Bonsoir, Marie, ca va? Thanks for your comments! When I knew Charlotte was designing my cover, I was thrilled. I knew she had designed your cover for The Lion’s Embrace, and I loved it. If anyone else would like to see Marie’s beautiful cover, you can find it here:
    It’s worth checking out, it’s really lovely


  4. Eye-popping cover. This will attract readers to look further into the story within the pages. Charlie did the cover for Coda to Murder. She is a whiz at reading our minds to portray the story in attention-getting pictures. Best wishes with your First novel!! Such an exciting time. You go, grrrrrrrlll.!!,


    1. Thanks JQ, I’m massively excited! Coda to Murder has a great cover, too. I didn’t know it was Charlotte who had designed it until now, but now I see. She’s really talented. Thanks for your great comment!


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