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A Small Story for Page 3: a tribute to US journalist Jack Germond

jack germond, alice germond, a short story for page 3Today I’m honoured to introduce A Small Story for Page 3, the debut novel by US journalist Jack Germond.  Tragically, Jack Germond didn’t live to see the launch of his first novel.  He completed the edits to  A Small Story for Page 3 just days before his death in August 2013.  The novel was published on the day he died.

Jack Germond was a US newspaper man, columnist and TV pundit with an illustrious career, appearing on shows such as CNN, Meet the Press and The Today Show, among others.  He covered ten US presidential elections, and with Jules Witcover wrote a book covering each presidential election from 1980 to 1992.  He also published two non-fiction books: his memoir Fat Man in A Middle Seat (Random House 2002) and Fat Man Fed Up (Random House 2005), which deals with the decline of politics in the United States.

Jack’s wife, Alice Germond,  has been working actively to promote her husband’s novel in his memory, and I’m delighted to be able to introduce A Small Story for Page 3 to my British readers on her behalf.  If you have any questions or comments after reading this post, Alice will be delighted to hear from you.

jack germond, alice germond, a short story for page 3
Alice Germond

Alice Germond is the Secretary Emeritus of the Democratic National Committee. In 2013 President Obama appointed Alice to the prestigious Commission on White House Fellows where she currently serves.  I was intrigued to discover that one of Alice’s earliest experiences was participating in Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ‘I Have A Dream’ March on the National Mall – and I hope Alice will be writing her own memoirs one day.

Here’s what reviewers say about A Small Story for Page 3:

Ace political reporter Harry Fletcher has problems: a politician threatening him, a young reporter gunning for his job, a wife having an affair and a publisher who doesn’t want to print his latest story. This first novel by veteran newsman Jack Germond gives an insider’s look at the job of journalism as Fletcher interviews sources who wish to remain anonymous, tracks down promising leads, rallies his editors’ support and finally, confronts his boss. You’ll never read a newspaper again without thinking of this “small story” and the ethical dilemma it describes.

jack germond, alice germond, a short story for page 3

And here is the blurb:

Harry Fletcher can’t for the life of him figure out what exactly the ‘nugget’ of information his colleague, Eddie Concannon, uncovered prior to his death is. Picking his way along the threads of information, Harry soon finds himself at odds with government officials and his own newspaper seems to be involved in the collusion.  Join Harry as he deciphers the clues and enjoy a journey into the world of investigative reporting set against a colorful back drop of characters and locations.

A small Story for Page 3 is available from MuseIt Up Publishing, Amazon US, Barnes and Noble and other major retailers.


And finally, here are a few tributes to Jack from some of his colleagues:

“Jack was a truly dedicated reporter and had an old-fashioned relationship with politicians. He liked them, but that did not prevent him from being critical when they did bad things and behaved badly. That was a trademark of Jack’s,” said Jules Witcover, his longtime writing partner.


Jack enjoyed his life and work. He personified that,” said Ernest B. “Pat” Furgurson, former chief of The Sun’s Washington bureau. “He had a positive personality, but when he was bitching about something, and in that mood, he’d suddenly say, ‘Isn’t this a great job?’
I started covering politics in the 1980 presidential campaign for Newsday, and Jack was the sage when it came to politics. He was the guy you went to when you were a junior reporter,” said Susan Page, the Washington bureau chief for USA Today.

As a political reporter, Jack had perfect pitch. He instinctively grasped the significance of campaign developments as they unfolded, a rare talent which helped make him a great campaign handicapper. Readers benefited from his insight, as did his colleagues at The Sun and other publications,” said Paul West, former Sun White House correspondent.  “And he hated the way modern campaign management all but eliminated interaction between candidates and reporters.  He was quick-witted, self-deprecating and beneath a gruff, world-weary exterior, warmhearted.”


If you’d like to hear more about Jack’s career, and that of his wife Alice Germond, you can find further details on the MuseItUp blog.

It’s been a great honour to talk about Jack Germond here on my blog today.  I wish I could have got to know Jack personally, and I was moved to read his tributes.

If you have any questions or comments at all, please let us know – Alice Germond and I would love to hear from you!

16 thoughts on “A Small Story for Page 3: a tribute to US journalist Jack Germond

  1. Thank you for such a moving blog, Helena. It was wonderful reading the warm memories from some of Jack’s colleagues. He lived a very full and well lived life –burnt the candle from both ends — and packed twice his 85 years into it. I was fortunate to share so much, and he was very good company.

    As for my memoir, funny that you suggest it, so did Jack. But I’m not done yet. We’ll have to wait and see if I dare try later.

    I look forward to your guests questions and comments. Alice


    1. Thanks, Alice. It was a real pleasure getting to know a little about Jack. The tributes were moving and painted a picture of a wonderful character. I’m looking forward to reading A Small Story for Page 3, and getting to know Jack a little better. Thanks for letting me post about him.


      1. I think you will like “A Small Story for Page 3”, it’s just the perfect read to curl up with in front of the fireplace on a winter’s night (perhaps with a glass of wine, or Jack’s favorite, a single malt scotch).


    1. He was definitely a Jamison man. His favorite Irish whiskey. Enjoy.
      Alice Germond
      Secretary Emeritus, DNC
      859 Hawthornedale Rd
      Charles Town, WV 25414
      202-746-8285 (c)


  2. I’ll be FBing and Tweeting this to help other’s learn about Jack and discover his story. Love that MIU is being supportive this way! Hope all of this helps you, Alice, in some small way to deal with your loss. Though I know only time really helps. And it’s just the pits. Prayers with you.


      1. Thanks to all. Yes, it is hard to wake up each morning without the person you love to share the day with. But it would be so much worse not to have had that joy, so am trying not to be greedy and carrying on quite well I hope…

        The fun of publicizing his book and meeting new friends through doing so has made the days pass with more smiles than I would have imagined.


  3. Good Morning Everyone– still morning here in the west. It’s wonderful that every day of the blog tour I have learned a bit more about Jack. The esteem his friends and colleagues held him in is heart warming. I agree Alice, it is better to have shared the love and made the memories than to never have had the experience of sharing your life with someone who “hung the moon” as my Irish mother in law used to say.



    1. Morning Nancy – it’s already a cold and frosty evening here in the UK!
      I liked your comment. It’s a great consolation when you lose a loved one to know that they were surrounded by love during their lifetime. That’s the overriding impression I get with Jack. I would have liked to have met him, and am glad to have the chance to get to know him through his writing.


      1. Hi Helena, I saw some pics of cold frosty Britain this morning. I only knew Jack briefly while we worked on edits for A Small Story, he was wonderful to work with and a man after my own heart cause he loved horse racing. Edits had to take a brief hiatus for the Kentucky Derby.


  4. Let us hope there is a triple crown winner in his honor next year. Or, at least several of us and many of his readers will have the Derby victor. Thanks for a great blog.


  5. I enjoyed reading your post, Helena. My turn to host Jack falls on Thanksgiving and I hope people willl take time from their busy day to stop by.
    Jack’s book was so good, I read it in one evening.

    Good luck on the tour, Alice.


    1. Hi Leona, thanks for coming by. I look forward to reading your post on Thanksgiving. It will be just a normal day for me, because we don’t have a holiday here in the UK :(
      I’m saving Jack’s book for when I go away at Christmas. Looking forward to it!


      1. And we can all celebrate wherever we are, we have so much to be thankful for, including your friendship and Jack. Not to worry.


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