Good to meet you…the elusive Mr Fairfax!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be the husband of a romance writer?  Well today you’re going to find out!  Me and Mr Fairfax (or Bob, as he likes to be called) were discussing Christmas dates in my author interview schedule the other day.  Bob jokingly suggested he’d be happy to sit down and be interviewed by me during our Christmas holiday.  Since Mr Fairfax is a Yorkshireman born and bred and therefore knows as much about reading romance novels as I do about the rules of rugby league, we both had a hearty laugh about this for several minutes.

romance, romance novel
The reclusive Mr Fairfax and his dog, walking Cornwall’s coast

Then I thought, wow, actually that’s quite a good idea.  There are a few people who have been following my blog for a while, and maybe they’d like to know who was mad enough to marry Helena Fairfax.  It would be a fun Christmas post.

So I’ll pour the reclusive Bob a can of cold Guiness, and try and persuade him to come in from the kitchen.  (Bob, come in – there’s stand pie and pickle!)

Please welcome…Mr Fairfax!

Where do you live, Bob? [Helena’s note: I do actually know the answer to this one]

I live in Saltaire, near Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, with my wife Helena and our daft dog Lexie (or Lexington if she is misbehaving).

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Crantock beach in Cornwall, England. My Mum and Dad introduced the beach to me and my brothers when we were children and I introduced the beach to my children when they were small.

Being a writer is a great job.  What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

I am afraid I am not a writer although I wish I could be. I have only worked for one employer in my adult working life, so in a way it is the worst and best job I have ever had. I have been lucky in that I have met and worked with a lot of good and honest people which makes up for any bad times that have come my way.  [Helena’s note: and don’t forget to say it’s where you also met me :) ]

What book do you wish you’d written?

The Bobby Brewster series of books for children by H.E.Todd were the first books that I remember reading.   They started my imagination.

What’s your happiest memory?

School friends.

If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say to them?

Stewart McDonald – I am sorry I was not in when you called.

What would your superpower be, if you could choose one?

I have just recently watched a film called Midnight in Paris written and directed by Woody Allen, starring Owen  Wilson and Rachel McAdams. My super power would be just to drop in on characters from the past and see how they really were, who they met, what they thought, how they lived.

If you won twenty million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Easy. I would start a picture framing business and look after my family.

What’s the most important lesson life has taught you?

My old school motto Truth Shall Prevail

helena fairfax
Framed Clarice Cliffe tapestry (needlework by me!)

And finally, please tell us about your latest project and where we can find it

I run a picture-framing business part-time.  My latest project is is a framed Leeds Rhinos rugby league football shirt, which has been autographed by the team. It will hopefully be found on my customer’s wall.

Thanks Bob!  They were great answers.  Would you like another Guinness?

If you’ve enjoyed this interview or have any questions for Bob (and I think there’s a lot still to find out), please leave a comment for him.  He’d love to hear from you!

11 thoughts on “Good to meet you…the elusive Mr Fairfax!

  1. Wonderful interview, Bob a.k.a. The Elusive Mr. Fairfax. Your chosen superpower would be fascinating. I’ve been to your favorite place in the world and it’s lovely.

    Beautiful tapestry and framing. Helena, do you know how many husbands will now be interviewed!

    Enjoyable interview, Bob and Helena.

    Curl up with a killer – Cozy Mysteries
    The Ginseng Conspiracy by Susan Bernhardt coming January 3rd.


    1. Thanks Susan! Interesting that you’ve been to Crantock Beach. We’re staying in Dorset over Christmas, and the beaches here are equally beautiful – if a bit blowy in December! Hope you’re having a great Christmas, and thanks for your lovely comment!


  2. What a fun idea and what a good sport, your Bob is. I’ll have to discuss this with my DH also named Bob. Interesting. However, I have to point out y’all are on holiday. (Please note my correct use of this term. LOL) I’m surprised you did a post at all. Makes me feel lazy. Don’t have one scheduled until Jan. 2 with a guest following on the 3rd.
    I’ve never been to the beaches you reference. Though we love the Maine coastline and Tybee Island, GA beach–a real beach. I have visited London, but it was many years ago and for not more than 5 days, I believe. An unusually spontaneous action on our part. We tend to plan trips ahead by as much as a year.
    Bob, do you have other people working with you in your framing business or is this a solitary practice like writing? As writers, we all could use your superpower. Lovely post, y’all


    1. Hi Marsha, thank for coming! I have to confess I Wrote this post last week and scheduled it for today. I hope you and your own Bob are having a good “holiday”! We’re having a restful week in Dorset and luckily not too affected by the storms that have hit England this week. It’s nice to have a break. Happy Christmas, Marsha, and best wishes to you and family for 2014!


  3. Helena,

    What a great idea for a blog post. It made my day. When I suggested it to my hubby, he backed away rather hastily and said, “Not just NO, but H*ll no.” rofl He is a rather private type who has absolutely nothing to do with any type of social media.


    1. Your comment made me laugh out loud, Kaye :-O My husband is quite reclusive, too, so that’s why I’m answering all his comments.for him! Hope you and your husband are having a good Christmas holiday. Thanks for making me laugh!


  4. What a supportive husband you have! A real sweetheart. I believe the answers my dh would share would be yeah no and huh? Delightful interview! Glad you ‘re having a good break. We are enjoying the sites around Los Angeles California in perfect weather. Happy New year!


    1. Happy New Year to you, JQ! Your trip round California sounds brilliant. I’m no fan if winter weather :( Would love to see the Pacific Ocean one day. Have a great rest of holiday and thanks for coming by!


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