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A list of romance novel publishers

Over the past few months I’ve been compiling a list of romance publishers who will accept unagented manuscripts.  You’d be surprised how many there are. I thought I’d share my list, and if you know of any others that you think I should add, please feel free to let me know in the comments, and I’ll update.

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(Disclaimer: Please do your own research before approaching any of these publishers – and always read the submission guidelines!)


Avon Romance

Blackstaff Press

Books to Go Now


Carina Press


Crooked Cat

Decadent Publishing

Desert Breeze Publishing

Entangled Publishing

Etopia Press

Escape Publishing

Firestar Press

Legend Press

Lyrical Press 

Harlequin Mills and Boon

Melange Books

Muse It up

Myrmidon Books

Novelicious Books

Pegasus Publishers

Prairie Rose Publications

Pulse Romance

Safkhet Publishing


Sandstone Press

Sapphire Star

Secret Cravings Publishing

Source Books

Sparkling Books


Tirgearr Publishing

Thornberry Press

Three Hares Publishing

Turquoise Morning Press


If you have any comments regarding the above list, or if you think there are any others that should be on there, please let me know. Would love to hear from you!



18 thoughts on “A list of romance novel publishers

  1. Great list, thanks, Helena – I do that too! You have a couple I didn’t know. Will see if I have any you don’t have. My first publisher (Canadian) Champagne Books is still in business.


  2. Just finished my first romance novel and was about to do this kind of research myself. Thanks so much Helena for sharing this info. You saved me hours of work.
    Terri Ely


    1. Thanks for that info. I haven’t updated the list in a while. I think I might delete this page and start afresh in the New Year, as there have been so many changes, especially with digital publishers.
      Thanks for your comment, and for letting me know.


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