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Good to meet you…author Allison Merritt – plus giveaway!

I can’t believe it’s October already, and that I’m welcoming the first of my autumn guests. At least we have a little bit of an Indian summer here. The sun’s out, my roses are still hanging on, and the leaves are still just clinging to the trees – but there’s a definite hint of chill in the air. Winter is coming. Let’s make the most of the fine weather, while it lasts :)

And my guest today is giving away a copy of her novel to one lucky commentator. Thanks, Allison, and welcome to autumnal Yorkshire!

allison merritt, wystanWhere do you live, Allison? I’ve pretty much always called southwestern Missouri my home.

What a lovely place to live!

Where is your favourite place in the world? Somewhere beachy. I took a trip to Grand Cayman one time. I’d love to go back.

Yes, I love beaches, too. I haven’t been to Grand Cayman, but it sounds fab.

Being a writer is a great job. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? I’d have to say working in retail. There’s nothing more fun than stocking only to find out someone has messed up your nice displays, or running back and forth trying to get the right shoe sizes for four or five different ladies at one time. Or *shudder* on Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving. Ugh, I never want to work in retail again.

We don’t have Black Friday here in the UK. January 1st is our start of sales – and I’d hate to work in a shop on that day.

What book do you wish you’d written? The Harry Potter series. What a trip. Ms. Rowling was living in her car, and now look at her!

What’s your favourite song? Currently, I think it’s Love Don’t Run by Steve Holy. It’s kind of an older song, but my husband sent it to me on YouTube and I was like, you can use that song as inspiration for so many stories. It’s a great video and beautiful lyrics.

If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say to them? I would love to go back in time and meet Nikola Tesla. The guy was a genius and very gentle, so misunderstood. Every time I get a light bill, I curse Thomas Edison.

What an interesting choice. I’d love to meet him, too.

What’s your happiest childhood memory? I was a teenager when it happened, but for 8th grade graduation, I was supposed to get a horse as a gift. I guess the guy sold the horse to someone else. So for my 14th birthday, my mom and grandma were taking me on this lunch cruise on a steamboat on a lake. We got up super-early and went to my grandma’s house. My dad was mowing my grandma’s lawn when this guy comes riding down the road on a pinto mare. I was so jealous because I was horse crazy. He stops in the yard and asks for a drink of water, which I went to get (I got a cup big enough for the horse to drink from, seriously). The guy asked if we knew of anyone who wanted to buy a horse. My dad was all, “Yeah, we’ve been talking about getting one. Let me see how much money I have.” And I was going, pff, you don’t have enough money in your wallet to buy a horse! He pulled out a stack of $100 bills and counted them off. I cried so hard when the guy handed me the reins. Of course, they’d planned all this as a surprise. I still got to go on the lunch cruise too. Spoiled much? Nah.

I can’t believe your dad actually bought you a horse. What a great story!

If you had to marry a fictional character, from film, television, or books, who would it be? This is probably a weird pick, but I think I’ve been half in love with Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas since I read the first book. He’s so totally dedicated to the woman he loves and he’s not exactly a super kickass hero, mostly blundering his way through things and getting lucky, but he seems like a loyal, determined man who’d make a great spouse.

That sounds a great hero. I haven’t read those books, but now I’m definitely going to check them out.

What’s the most important lesson life has taught you? Never, ever take your family for granted. Unless they’re total jerks and then ditch them quick, but the ones who stand up for you and support you are priceless.

Well said.

And finally, please tell us about your latest book, where we can find it, and where we can find your blog/website

allison merritt, wystanWystan (The Heckmasters) is the first in a paranormal/historical series about half demon brothers and the women who love them.

Blurb: Her search for safety lands her in a totally new kind of danger.

Certain that an ad for a job in a small New Mexico Territory town is the answer to her prayers, Nebraska schoolteacher Rhia Duke packs her sister into a rickety wagon and heads west.

Except when they reach the near-deserted town, she learns the truth. There is no job, no future, and no welcome in the bleak blue eyes of the handsome sheriff.

The minute Rhia’s runaway team thunders into town, Wystan Heckmaster feels the change in the air. One of three sons of a demon who dared love a human, he keeps watch over a Pit guarded by seven seals, and slays any Hellbound demon that attempts to free the master imprisoned within.

With a gut full of regret and a forgotten town filled with reformed demons, Wystan is certain of one thing: he can’t be the man Rhia needs. But when the truth behind Rhia’s flight from Nebraska comes to light, Wystan must open his soul—and pray there’s enough love between them to overcome the darkness rising from the Pit.

Warning: Contains a take-no-prisoners sheriff, a woman who can’t outrun her supernatural secrets, and a dusty town where hope is as thin as dust in the wind. Author recommends keeping a glass of cool spring water at your elbow while reading.


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* * *

Thanks so much for coming by today, Allison. It’s been lovely to meet you.

If you’ve enjoyed Allison’s interview, or have any questions or comments, please let us know! And don’t forget one lucky commenter will win a copy of Allison’s novel. Enter here, or just leave a comment!

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6 thoughts on “Good to meet you…author Allison Merritt – plus giveaway!

  1. Hey, Helena. Nice to meet you, Allison. My goodness the BD story near-bout had me in tears. It deserves to have a book with that story inside. :)
    Great cover and blurb. I love the author note. Very smart. I’ve never seen that before. Best wishes for lots of sales. I’ll FB & Tweet.


    1. Hi Marsha, good of you to come by, and thanks so much for your comment. I agree, the author’s note is a really nice touch. Thanks so much for your support. It’s much appreciated! On Oct 8, 2014 12:11 AM, “Helena Fairfax” wrote:



  2. Allison, I worked in retail for nearly 20 years in the flower business. I remember after we built our new shop, I was working so hard on making gorgeous displays for our grand opening. It took hours and hours. We opened our doors and customers began buying items from the display and ruined my eye-catching arrangements on the shelves. I was so upset until I remembered. Hey, I’ve got to pay for these materials and for a building so I better be selling something to pay the bills! I agree. It is very difficult to work for the public. Your book sounds like a winner .Best wishes!!


    1. What a great comment, JQ. I’d love to work in a florist’s. That’s a great occupation for a romance heroine :) Glad your display was all sold so quickly – I would have loved to have seen it. Thanks for your comment!


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