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An uplifting Afghan proverb and some exciting news

a way from heart to heart, helena fairfaxI have exciting news to share today. On December 11th my latest novel, A Way from Heart to Heart, will be released by Accent Press.

This novel is a new venture for me. Although a romance lies at the heart of the story, it’s a much wider-ranging novel than my previous two.

There is a way from heart to heart is a beautiful Afghan proverb, which I found perfect for my title. The story revolves around Kate Hemingway, a woman whose ties with others have all gradually unravelled, and who is losing the courage to love.

Here is the blurb:

After the death of her husband in Afghanistan, Kate Hemingway’s world collapses around her. Kate’s free time is spent with a charity for teenage girls, helping them mend their broken lives – which is ironic, since her own life is fractured beyond repair.

Reserved, ex-public school journalist Paul Farrell is everything Kate and her teenage charges aren’t. But when Paul agrees to help Kate with her charity, he makes a stunning revelation that changes everything.

But can Kate take a risk with her son’s happiness as well as her own?

The core of the story is the growing romance between Kate and Paul, but the proverb “a way from heart to heart” also covers the love between close friends, between parent and child, and the intensity of teenage love.   The story deals with hard-hitting issues such as teenage homelessness and social exclusion, and living with grief. Perhaps I’ve taken a risk in making these issues part of a romance novel. There are some readers who turn to novels for pure escapism, and to get away from the daily grind of every day life, and I can understand that – because quite often I

helena fairfax, a way from heart to heart
Heather blooming on the Yorkshire moors

do that myself! However, these are issues I really wanted to make a part of my story.

Having said all that, although the subject-matter is deep in places, above all, it’s a highly romantic story which I hope will appeal to readers who like an emotional read that leads to a satisfying ending. Sometimes terrible things happen in life, but I think the proverb “there is a way from heart to heart” underlies my story’s positive and optimistic message.

And one last thing! A lot of the story take place on a trip the London-bred teenagers take to the Yorkshire moors, which is my beloved home :)  It was fun exploring all the characters against this beautiful background.

I hope you like the sound of my new story, and would welcome your comments!

(If you’re a book-blogger or reviewer, and would like an ARC of A Way from Heart to Heart, please get in touch through my contact page)


16 thoughts on “An uplifting Afghan proverb and some exciting news

  1. I can’t wait to read your novel, Helena. The story sounds wonderful and heart-warming, and the characters genuine and endearing. I loved the idea of the story and the excerpt you gave me to read when we met in that little pub in Hebden Bridge a few months ago. And now the book is being published and you have a wonderful cover too! I’m very happy for you and wish you lots of success.


    1. Hi Marie, thanks so much for your lovely comment. I can’t believe how much our stories have grown since we met and shared first chapters. Thanks so much for your encouragement at the time, when I was feeling it wasn’t worth carrying on with my book. I’m so glad I stuck with it. And congratulations on the upcoming release with Accent of your novel A Spell in Provence. I’m looking forward to reading the final version! Thanks again for your nice comment!


  2. Congratulations on your new novel,Helena! This novel sounds like an escape from reality through the romance, but also contains a real message of awareness to the reader. This demonstrates your growth as a writer. I believe we as writers have a privilege and duty to face tough issues in our times. In my WIP, I hope to bring about awareness of the need to stop Alzheimer’s disease. With our aging population, we are destined to have no facilities or caretakers for so many folks who will be struck down by this horrendous disease if we can’t fight it and destroy it.


    1. Hi JQ, you’re right, I’ve definitely grown as a writer. This novel feels a long way from my first book. I admire your choice of subject for your next book. Not an easy subject to write about, but definitely one that needs spotlighting, and with the sympathetic approach I know you will provide. Good luck with it, JQ, and thank you for your comment!


  3. It sounds a lovely, deep and emotional read from what you have already written! I know what you mean about worrying about if there is enough escapism, however I, personally, enjoy a read that has a lot more to it. Especially some real and touching elements that opens the mind up. I would certainly love to have a read, Helena. I can certainly try to read it for 11th or thereabouts. Looking forward to it! Caroline x


    1. Thank you so much, Caroline! These deeper issues often form the backbone of romance novels, and used to do even many years ago. Like you I enjoy reading novels that show some of the reality of ordinary lives…even though escapism and Disney-type stories also take up a lot of room on my bookshelf! :) Thanks so much for offering to read a copy. I’ll be in touch! Thanks!


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