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Good to meet you…author Iris Blobel

There’s a beautiful blue sky today, my snowdrops are out in the back yard – how I love snowdrops; first sign of spring! – but there’s also an icy cold wind. The perfect excuse to stay indoors by the fire, especially if you have a guest who’s come all the way from sunny Australia, as I do.

Let’s turn up the heating and welcome author Iris Blobel!

helena fairfax, iris blobelWhere do you live, Iris? West of Melbourne in Australia, but I was born in Germany.

So you might remember frosty winters, then!

Where is your favourite place in the world? At the beach.

Me too. I love the seaside.

Being a writer is a great job.  What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? I have to admit, I’ve been very lucky with my jobs, but the not so good one amongst the few I’ve had in my life was definitely working in a Guest House in Scotland. The environment was brilliant, the place stunning, employer was nice and kind … the hours and the work sucked. I was young and spoilt, cleaning after others wasn’t my idea of a great time :)

Hotel work is hard graft. I expect the scenery was stunning, though!

What book do you wish you’d written? Cecelia Ahern’s “If you could see me now” – such a beautiful story.

She’s a great writer.

What’s your favourite song? One?? There’s no way I can tell you just one *breaks down in tears* … Okay, how about “Let it go” from the movie Frozen, but there’s also “Angel” by Robbie Williams, Falco’s “Jeanny” is brilliant and I’ve got a few Westlife songs I really like …

Great choices. OK, you can have all the songs!

If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say to them? Okay, this question really had me stuck so I go with Richard Branson, basically because he’s in my google updates and I like what he’s posting, doing, attitude etc. I’ve thought of a few people, like the Pope, no I’m not really religious, but it would still be interesting, or Barack Obama, no I don’t know anything about his US politics, but I like listening to him, or Nelson Mandela about surviving all those years in prison and he still believed, or my grandpa, who I’ve never met, asking him about his life.

What’s your happiest childhood memory? I grew up in a block of apartments and we were (mum still is) close friends with some of the neighbours. In summer, we used to all go to a little creek for a barbeque afternoon. A dozen or so kids playing in the creek, or with the Frisbee, ball, or else … it was a great atmosphere. Yes, there are many more memories, like Christmases, holidays, family get-togethers, but the “creek excursion” is stuck in my mind as one of the happiest moments.

That sounds a lovely time.

If you had to marry a fictional character, from film, television, or books, who would it be? Stuck again …  I’ve thought of many like Leroy Gibbs (NCIS), Harmon Rapp (JAG), Jax Cullen (Lucky Harbor #1) or Gabriel Bonner (SEP Chicago Series), but I keep coming back to Tom Barnaby from Midsomer Murder – he’s clever, witty, not so good looking, but I LIKE HIM :)

What’s the most important lesson life has taught you? “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” ― Maya Angelou

And finally, please tell us about your latest book, where we can find it, and where we can find your blog/website

helena fairfax, iris blobelHere is the blurb to Let Me Love You:

Oliver Dempsey, pitcher for a Melbourne baseball club, loves the women, and they love him…

But he keeps them at an arm’s length, and when he meets Tamara, he’s unprepared for the attraction he feels for her.  Told by his coach that she’s off limits, only draws him in more.

Tamara Amis moved to Melbourne to find some distance between her past and herself…

With the help of her uncle, the coach of a Melbourne baseball club, she quickly finds a job, and a place to live. Yet, one meeting with the handsome pitcher stirs unexpected emotions that threaten to overwhelm her.

It’s Oliver’s injury that brings them together, but as they find out about each other’s pasts, how can they be ready to share a future?

Buy Links:

Limitless Publishing /Amazon Australia / Amazon US

Social Links:

My Blog / Facebook / Goodreads Twitter: @_iris_b Pinterest / Google+

* * *

Thanks so much for coming by, Iris, and for braving the cold of a norhtern English February. Your book sounds a heart-warming read!

If you’ve enjoyed Iris’s interview, or have any questions or comments at all, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

16 thoughts on “Good to meet you…author Iris Blobel

  1. Lovely to read about you, Iris. Since I’m in Scotland, I was amused to see your answer about working in the Scottish hotel! I do understand as I worked in one in the Isle of Man in my teens and never worked so hard!


    1. Hi Rosemary, I worked behind the bar in a hotel in the Bavarian Alps. Fabulous scenery and great company – but I certainly worked hard pulling all those pints of German beer! I symapthise with Iris, too! Thanks for dropping in, and for your comment!


    2. Thanks Ros. It was hard work, but good for this spoilt girl :-) And it’s one very very pretty country you live in. I loved it and hope to come back with my children one day.


  2. Lovely interview Helena and Iris. I’m not sure marrying Leroy Gibbs is such a great idea, Iris. He really has a bad track record. However, I too love him, and he’s something of the model for the hero in my next book. Good luck with your writing and sales of what seems like a charming book. I’ll share.


    1. I don’t watch NCIS, Marsha. It’s another show that’s passed me by, but now I’m intrigued, especially if your next hero is modelled on one of the characters. I love it when things like that happen. I’ll start catching up on a few of the back episodes. Thanks very much for your comment!


  3. Maya Angelou’s quote is so true. Why settle for being normal? I enjoyed your interview. I was a waitress. Talk about hard work….walking miles in an evening of work at a restaurant and my apron was loaded down with tips. But that was the good part! Your romance sounds like a perfect read for Valentine’s Day here in the US on Saturday. Best wishes!


    1. JQ, I was a waitress for a brief time at a hotel, doing posh weddings and such like. I had no idea until then how rude people are to waitresses! What a tough job, and hard work, like you say. Thanks for your comment, and for sharing your experience!


    2. Thank you for your kind words JQ. Yes, waitressing isn’t an easy job. After three months at that job I promised myself I wouldn’t walk for a whole week. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way :-)


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