8 Tips on Writing Faster from Writers in the Storm

helena fairfax, how to write a synopsis, romanceThere are some blogs I follow that always deliver great advice for writers, and one of these is Writers in the Storm. For ages now I’ve been trying to increase my daily word count. This week Writers in the Storm published this great post, which I’m reblogging here:

8 Tips on Writing Faster – and Why You Should Try It

Rachel Funk Heller

What’s the whole deal about writing fast? Why is it such a trend? One, we know writers who write more and have more books to sell — sell more books! You have fans that want to gobble up everything you write and you’re under the gun to write faster. But, you don’t want to just churn out crap.

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I’m a very slow writer, and increasing my work rate is something I’m constantly battling with. If you have any tips on how to write faster, please let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear them!

13 thoughts on “8 Tips on Writing Faster from Writers in the Storm

  1. Love this post and completely agree with it – thanks for posting the link, Helena. I think this is why NaNoWriMo works so well for some people. It did for me one year to some extent as it made me get the words down. I’m a fairly quick writer but can be lazy and procrastinate a lot! And I love the editing stage.

    All the best at Exeter, Helena – be thinking of you. I’m off to the Scottish writers weekend conference.


  2. Thanks for re-posting this, Helena. I’d seen it come through my emails, but was in the throes of getting ready for release day, and somehow lost the post. I really need this, too. I’m a slow writer– well, it takes me a long time to do rewrites. I do something like this when I go away for a long weekend and crank out 15 to 17 K words. Not as many as the author was saying, but in a couple of weekends and regular weeks, I can get it done. But the rewriting and editing after that is a real bear! I need to apply some of her strategies to my rewrites. Well, and let’s face it, be more disciplined. LOL Thinking about starting book 3 in my series, so the timing was perfect for me. Thanks again. I’ll share.


    1. That’s interesting you say that, Marsha. I can do the rewrites and edits fine – in fact, I enjoy them! – but it’s getting that first draft down that’s like pulling teeth. Thanks for introducing me to Writers in the Storm. It’s a great blog, full of lots of good advice.
      And thanks for your good wishes! Just about to set off on the long drive down south. Looking forward to meeting up with family when I get there. Have a great weekend yourself, Marsha, and thanks for dropping in!


  3. Great advice here. Amazed at how many words this author can crank out. I caution you though DO NOT let any eyes but your own see it. I shared my first draft with my crit partners and they brainstormed with me so many ideas and situations I was overwhelmed. I am guilty of going back to my day-before (weeks) written chapters and revising them instead of writing on to the next chapter. But I usually need a refresher since I don’t write every day on the story. Thanks for sharing this informative blog post.


    1. Hi JQ, I too am amazed at how many words this author gets down. There is no way I could do anything similar, sadly, but I can have a good try at upping my word rate. I agree with you on too many readers. It’s good to find one trusted eye, though, if you can. A fresh perspective can be useful.
      Glad you enjoyed the post, JQ. Thanks very much for dropping in!


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