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A writer’s dream: author Jami Gray’s urban fantasy

Today author Jami Gray is dropping in to tell us her dream – a dream shared by me and lots of other writers.

Jami Gray is the award winning, multi-published author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Kyn Kronicles, and the Paranormal Romantic Suspense series, PSY-IV Teams. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jami!

* * *

A Writer’s Dream

jami gray, helena fairfaxI have a dream. It includes a beautiful book-lined office where a thin 32-inch screen perches on a beautiful cherry wood desk. An intriguing complex story line graces a pristine whiteboard nestled next to an impeccably kept filing cabinet where character sketches, world building details, and future plots are all in their assigned spots waiting to be used. The only sounds you can hear in this oasis will be whatever music my Muse and I have agreed on that day. No telephones, no cell phones, no other distraction would dare to intrude into this writer’s paradise.

That’s my dream.

Here’s my reality—we turned an extra bedroom into an office and I have to share it. My roommate happens to be my techy geek husband (aka the Knight) who has more electronics than NASA. The book-lined walls are limited to three bookcases on one wall, while the remaining holders of books can be found in my bedroom and the living room, and then, there are the three desks.

One is the lovely banker’s desk I inherited from my Knight’s dad. This is my main perch point. It’s dominated by my big Mac (not the kind you can eat), a beautifully decorated skull, pens, notebooks, Kleenex, my desk calendar, two coasters for drink options, headphones, and my little Mac.

Behind me is the second desk that served as a lab table at a local university in a previous life. The lab table currently holds critiques from my writing partners on my latest WIP, a monitor I can hook my little Mac to, and pens. I’m considering getting rid of it.

Why would a writer need two desks? Because as much as I would love to say otherwise, my writing doesn’t quite keep away the pesky bill collectors or satisfy the healthcare gods, so until recently, I had a job-that-pays-the-bills. That job gave me the ability to telecommute for fifteen years. It also meant I needed two desks. One to remind me of the cubicle world I came from, and the other to hold my two Apples (Big and mini) I use for writing. Yes, I know, another set of two (I have lots of those: 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 computers, 2 desks, 2 cars). But the Big Mac stays home, while Mini Mac, being so much easier to carry, allows for escape options. Now, this secondary desk is taking up space, but I haven’t wanted to take on the challenge of re-configuring the office. It’s on my to-do list.

The third belongs to the aforementioned techy geek husband. Don’t get me started on what’s on that surface. We’ll be lost in the chaos for days.

The office has next-door neighbors—the Prankster Duo. My two boys are inches away and sometimes even the walls and locked door can’t seem to keep them out. The other day I gathered the men of the household and said, “I am going to write in the office. Pretend I’m not here, okay?” They all agreed and then suddenly suffered from severe memory loss. I sat down, put on the headphones to drown out the battle cries I knew were going to erupt within the next few minutes, opened my latest work in progress, only to jump out of my chair when my youngest came up and hug tackled me. When they do sweet stuff like that you can’t yell, it’s just not…mom like. I took out one ear bud and raised a brow in question.

“Hey mom, did you know that I just got a Cyberdog Gun?”

“Umm, really? That’s great, sweetpea, but see this,” motion to softly glowing screen in front of me, “I’m writing, remember?”

A quick peck on the check and he’s gone. I try to get back into the groove, only to have the door swish open and our two newest editions, the Fur Minxes, trot in. They want to play. I remind them, this is mommy’s alone time, then proceed to maneuver my chair in such a way as to not run over tails as both girls decide the space at my feet is perfect for a combined 100 pounds of canine to occupy. Back in front of the screen, music playing, I’m back…until the phone rings.

This is my reality. This is why some days I’m reduced to picking up the smaller laptop and driving to the nearest Starbucks and hiding out for hours on end. Otherwise, it’s a never ending round of interruptions.

Most people dream of winning the lottery so they can travel the world. I dream of winning the lottery so I can have my own office.

During the school year, it’s a bit better. The knight is out slaying dragons, the Duo is out raising havoc under someone else’s watch and the Minxes hone their skills for possible cage matches in the backyard. I work on my adult responsibilities of getting my-soon-to-be-job-that-pays-the-bills up and running, then utilize the rare flashes of free time. Writing a paragraph here or there, sketching out the next chapter, or tweaking the last scene. But even so, I still have to make sure I hit a solid word count each day (1250-1500). Lately that word count happens five out of seven days, and I consider that triumph.

It took me years to get over the guilt of bailing on my hubby and kids to carve out time to write, but now I find it’s essential. Not just for my writing but for my sanity. Where others may use such time to read a book, workout, shop, or hang out with friends, I use for my alternate personality—the writer

So for now, until we score that big pot of lottery gold and I get my dream office, I will hold my dream close and defend my two desks and the Mac duo from the scourge of interruptions, carving words out one inch at a time!

* * *

jami gray, helena fairfax

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* * *


You can find all the buy links for both The Kyn Kronicles and PSY-IV Teams, in all formats at:




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Twitter:  https://twitter.com/JamiGrayAuthor

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Thanks so much for visiting today, Jami. You paint a vivid picture of trying to find time and peace to write. I think a lot of writers cna empathise with your dream. Best of luck with your releases!

If you’re a writer and share Jami’s dream, or if you have any other questions or comments at all, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

9 thoughts on “A writer’s dream: author Jami Gray’s urban fantasy

  1. Oh, my gosh, Jami. I loved this post. (Hey, Helena.) My kids are gone and I only have one pup who is less than 10 lbs, but is a fierce protector and barks a great deal expecting me to see what it is he’s telling me about. My husband’s desk area (including the floors) is a nightmare. The good thing is it makes my area look not so bad.LOL
    Kudos for being able to juggle all you do and crank out over a thousand words on most days! What an accomplishment. Fingers crossed you win that lottery and your own desk area. :) I’ll share this. So many folks will be able to relate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marsha, I think a lot of writers will share Jami’s dream. My children are grown up, too, but my dog is like yours – she likes to guard the house and tell me every five minutes who is passing! But I do appreciate the luxury of being able to work from home. Hope Jami gets her dream some day. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Marsha and Helena. Have you two seen the article about the “woman’s cave” that’s being going around. It’s like your own personal little casita just for you. Someday, when the numbers and stars align, I’ll get mine. My hubby teases when we see those durable sheds that mimic a cottage, that can be my space. My response: you take the non-AC spot, I’ll keep the in-house one.
    Thank you so much for letting visit today, I really enjoyed sharing this!


  3. I’m with you, Jami. Hoping one day for the win that will make my dream come true–a very private room with a view over sun-rippled water, with an esspresso machine and someone to do the housework. In the meantime, could I trade you one burrowing cat for a fur foot warmer? Rosie, a rescued elder cat who refuses to be ignored, gets her own back by jumping on my shoulder. Then she wiggles under my sweater until she’s front and center and pokes her head out of the V neck so she can critique my work. It’s hard to type with a a cat parked on your chest and loudly grumbling.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL! Oh man, I could just see one of the Fur Minxes at sixty pounds sitting in my lap going, no mom, that doesn’t work, try this. Hard enough to hold my spot on the couch when I sit down with my Kindle.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Being a carer does take up a lot of time, James, I agree. And people assume you must have all the time in the world, as you are “just at home.” It’s great if you can work in the small hours, as you do. I’m afraid I’m nodding off by ten pm, sadly. Wish I could do as you do! Thanks for your comment. Have a great weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Sorry to chime in so late, James, was on the road with family for the holidays. After having my in-laws live with me for almost ten years, I get it. Kudos to you for squeezing in the time, you’ll be surprised at how fast that “little bit” each day will amount to, I know I was. Thank you for stopping by!


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