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Romantic suspense novella Palace of Deception is “page-burning” – and it’s #free!

This weekend my romantic suspense novella Palace of Deception is FREE on Amazon, from today – 30th October 2015 – until Sunday 1st November 2015. (You’ll find download links at the end of this post.)

monaco, romantic suspense, helena fairfax
The palace at Monaco. Inspiration behind Palace of Deception. (Image courtsey of Pixabay)

I don’t often mention my reviews on my blog, as I like to use this space to talk about other authors and books I’ve enjoyed reading. Still, I’ve had such lovely reviews for Palace of Deception – and I really do appreciate people taking the time and effort to review my books – that I thought I’d share some of them here today, since my novella is only free for a short time. If you do read it, I really do hope you enjoy it as much as these readers, and that you like it enough to leave a review like one of these.

Here are some quotes:

‘Palace of Deception’ grabbed me from the start…With admirable mastery of her story and its form, author Helena Fairfax keeps us guessing, keeps us holding our breath, keeps us hoping.”

I confess I’ve become a fan of Ms. Fairfax. Palace of Deception at least the third book of hers I’ve read, and it has not disappointed me...It’s a page-burning novella

I adored this novella from one of my favorite authors. As always, Helena Fairfax manages to make you care about her characters right from the start.”

The writing is great and the characters are unique, with a slow growing attraction between Leon and Lizzie. I enjoyed this book immensely.

There are many reasons to fall for this romantic novella; not only is the suspense powerful and intense, and captivating with a hot bodyguard in Léon, but the story is set in a picturesque town between mountains and the Mediterranean, which is perfect for a romance. Yes, Montverrier is described so beautifully by the author that you can actually picture yourself there.

This is the third book I have read by Helena Fairfax. They have all felt like a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

This is a fast paced, heart warming and sweet book. The beautiful style of writing makes you want to continue and find out the truth behind the story.

Wow. Fantastic read. I loved it.”

* * *romantic suspense, helena fairfax

I’m really grateful to all the readers who’ve taken the trouble to leave a review for my novella. I’m working on a sequel to Palace of Deception at the moment, and to be honest, for the last few weeks I’ve been suffering a little from writer’s block, and actually getting quite down about my writing in general. I think this happens to all writers from time to time, but reading over these reviews for this post has lifted my spirits and spurred me on to carry on writing. I’m glad of an opportunity to thank the reviewers. The fact that you’ve taken the time to say how much you liked my novella has meant more to me than perhaps people realise, and has made me conscious of the fact that I should take the time more often to leave reviews for authors I admire myself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these reviews. If you have, then feel free to download a free copy of Palace of Deception. It’s  a short novella, and with its hot Mediterranean location will make an enjoyable escape from a cold November weekend. You can find it here on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon IN, Amazon AU, and all the international Amazons everywhere.

If you’re an author, do you leave reviews for other authors you’ve enjoyed? And if you love reading, do you take the time to leave reviews for books you’ve loved? If you have any comments at all, I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Romantic suspense novella Palace of Deception is “page-burning” – and it’s #free!

  1. Hi Helena
    Your writer’s block will touch many a chord, have you noticed how often it comes up as a question on Goodreads? I really sympathise as am going through the same thing while recovering from a hip replacement. Five weeks and all I’ve managed to get on paper is a lot of illegible notes and one blog! The third book in my series is very much on hold. Don’t know if other writers have tried and tested recipes; think the business of keeping writing, no matter what, seems important. Your idea of reading through reviews is a good one, I’ve found my morale takes an upturn with every message from friends and readers. So–I loved ‘Palace of Deception’, am sure there’s another bewitching tale in there somewhere and one of these mornings, it will all start to unfurl…Sending good good vibrations!
    PS Yes, I do leave reviews for books I’ve loved, by authors I know and those I don’t-the key word being ‘loved’. I never review anything I haven’t enjoyed, don’t know how others feel about this policy?


    1. Hi Laurette, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve also been suffering from writer’s block. I wish I knew what the answer was. People say you should just write – write anything – but I’ve found writing other stuff drains what little creativity I had and distracts me from my wip. Personally, I think I need to sit down at my wip and do no other writing at all. I’m going to try this approach, anyway, and not leave my laptop until I’ve broken the back of it and – fingers crossed – the words are flowing better.
      Perhaps in your case your body is telling you you need to rest after your operation – including rest the mind? I hope you are recuperating well physically, and that in a few weeks you are back to your third book and the ideas are buzzing. Thanks so much for the good vibes. I’m returning them tenfold! Best wishes x


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