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An exciting new summer anthology…coming soon! #WRWbuzz

helena fairfax, worldromance writersA few weeks ago I wrote about how I’d joined a new, international group of authors called World Romance Writers. I’m very excited to say that our first anthology, entitled Letterbox Love Stories, will soon be released, just in time for the summer holidays. Our stories are the perfect holiday read, with each one set in Europe – and each featuring romance and a guaranteed happy ending :)
helena fairfax, paris romance
Image courtesy of Pixabay

There are nine stories in the anthology, and the settings range from Britain, through France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Sardinia, and Turkey. The time scale spans medieval times right up until the present day…and even beyond! The stories are deliciously varied, but one thing unites them all: in each story, the heroine receives a letter that changes her life.

My own story is set in France, and is a contemporary romance.
Here is the blurb to Come Date Me in Paris:
When Alice receives a letter telling her she’s won a place on a TV blind date show, she should be excited – only trouble is, the show involves cooking for your date…and Alice can’t cook. Forced to throw herself on the mercy of her chef neighbour, Edmond, Alice asks him for lessons. But will she be cooking up a romance…or cooking up disaster?


The story really was great fun to write, and I researched lots of French recipes in preparation. I even tried a few of

helena fairfax, world romance writers, come date me in paris
Delicious chocolate! (Image courtesy of Pixabay)

them out – and very delicious they were, too! (Never say we authors don’t suffer for our writing!) One of the dishes Edmond teaches Alice how to make is a heavenly French dessert called Chocolat Saint-Emilion. All Edmond’s recipes can be found at the end of my story, but if you can’t wait until the anthology is published, and would like to find out how to make this to-die-for dessert, I’ll be posting it in my newsletter which will go out in the next few days. (If you aren’t already subscribed to my newsletter, there’s a box at the top of this page, or you can subscribe here.)

The World Romance Writers group now has a website/blog, where my fellow authors have begun to introduce themselves and their stories. The first on the blog is French author Marie Laval, who has written an atmospheric and thrilling story set in the Camargue region of France, called The Sons of the Wind. (Les fils du vent – the sons of the wind – is the French expression for gypsies. What a romantic language!) If you’d like to find out more about Marie’s story, and see some wonderful photos of her setting, you can find her here on our blog.
And here are some more photos of our settings, along with the blurb and the anthology:
helena fairfax, come date me in paris, world romance writers
 * * *
I hope you’ve enjoyed my taster of our anthology. If you’re going away this summer, where will you be going? And do you pack holiday reading for a relaxing time on the beach, or do you prefer a holiday filled with activity?
If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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