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Holiday Magic: a heart-warming anthology by the World Romance Writers

Earlier this year I contributed a story called Come Date Me in Paris to the Letterbox Love Stories collection put together by the World Romance Writers group. It was great fun being part of the anthology, and I loved writing my French-set story – and getting to know my French hero. (You can read all about Come Date Me in Paris here on the World Romance Writers blog. )

The World Romance Writers have got together again to produce a new collection of heart-warming stories especially for Christmas. It looks a great read and perfect for the run up to the holidays. I’m saving my copy for when all my Christmas shopping is done, the tree is up, and I have my feet up with a nice glass of wine :)

helena fairfax, heartwarming romance

Here are the stories in the Holiday Magic collection:

helena fairfax, exquisite quills, christmas short story
Image courtesy of Pixabay

The Angel of the West Side
By Madeline Archer*
During the Great Depression, newspaper reporter, Jack Kennelly, went to the streets of Chicago hoping to find proof that good still existed in the world. What he discovered was the West Side had its own angel, and her name was Ruthie.
*Rose Anderson writing as Madeline Archer
Genre: Period Romance

Her Magical Vienna Christmas
By Lynn Crain
Cryptographer Elizabeth “Lizzie” Camden is more in tune with numbers, cyphers and puzzles than she is with the real world. When her job takes her back in time to 1874 Vienna, she’s more than surprised to find Michael Sondervan there as well. She hadn’t seen him since college when he broke her heart.
Michael has always regretted the way things turned out between him and Lizzie. When he needs someone to figure out the cryptic warning, he knows he needs the best. And Lizzie is the best. Giving her a magical Vienna Christmas in the bargain, he hopes will bring them together and prove his love to the only woman for him.
Genre: Time Travel Romance

To Kiss a Prince
By Gemma Juliana
Princess Isabelle de Lily knows no life beyond the seclusion of Chateau de Lily. The family castle was frozen in time, frosted over with ice and snow just before her birth. The witch who placed the 99 year curse on her family left only one loophole. The curse will fizzle and ‘melt’ if one from the royal enemy clan miraculously finds his way to her castle and professes his true love for her on Christmas Day. Citizens of Chateau de Lily hold little hope of that happening since everyone who tries to cross the ice floes dies. Only the resident, ever-loyal, royal wizard Zoltar, who has been in service to Isabelle’s family since long before the curse was cast, believes miracles of this magnitude are possible. Twenty-five years have passed, but as Zoltar continues experimenting in his dungeon laboratory, he believes this will be their final Christmas spent in icy isolation.
Genre: Fantasy-Time Travel Romance

A Very Vegas Christmas
By Cara Marsi

helena fairfax, exquisite quills, christmas short story
Christmas stars. Image courtesy of Pixabay

Can things get any worse for Las Vegas event planner Amanda Moreau? Her boyfriend dumped her for a stripper; she’s arranging a Christmas wedding for a Bridezilla; and her mother is playing matchmaker from 2000 miles away. When she meets hunky and ever-so-sweet Erik, who’s in town for a conference, she begins to hope her luck is changing. But Erik has a secret that threatens to split them apart.
Genre: Contemporary Romance

By Jenny Twist
Jim Durrant, university don at Oxford is trapped in the memory of his lost, beloved wife. When his family comes to stay with him for Christmas, he and his grandson write their letters to Santa Claus and Jim asks for the impossible – the return of his dead love.
Genre: Historical Romance

Holiday Magic is available from AmazonNook and other online retailers.

* * *

What a great mix of stories! In the coming few days I’m hoping that one or two of the authors will drop in and give me the background behind their own particular romance. Wishing all the authors all the best on their new release!

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