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A magical fairy tale for the Christmas holidays by author @Gemma_Juliana

It’s a great pleasure to welcome author Gemma Juliana today. Gemma is the inspiration and guiding light of the World Romance Writers group. Their latest release – Holiday Magic – is a collection of uplifting and heartwarming stories that are absolutely perfect to delve into over Christmas.

Gemma is here today to talk about her own story in the anthology,To Kiss a Prince. She has me at the title!

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Thank you for inviting me to visit your lovely blog, Helena. The Holiday Magic anthology has such a fine assortment of stories that I’m delighted to be part of it.

helena fairfax, gemma juliana
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The winter holiday season has always been a time of magic, mystery and wonder, a time when we can expand beyond day-to-day life and believe in something bigger than we are.

Several thoughts prompted me to write To Kiss a Prince, a magical fantasy novelette, as my contribution to the World Romance Writers 2016 Holiday Magic anthology.

One of the most enchanting movies ever created concerning Christmas is Polar Express. The richness of the fantasy borne from the Santa Claus – North Pole ‘mythology’ and its universal message to believe has touched the hearts of millions of people, whether they celebrate Christmas or not. This movie caused Christmas to transcend from old stereotypes and expand its ancient themes into a whole new fantasy.

While To Kiss a Prince is nothing like Polar Express, my purpose in writing it was to plant new sparkling seeds of fantasy around the season, and to remind everyone that if we really believe in magic, magic might manifest in us, too.

Some themes in my story… can one person hold an unwavering vision for a group of people? Zoltar, the castle

helena farifax, gemma juliana
Image courtesy of Pixabay

magician, has never given up hope that he will figure out how to break the curse that cast Chateau de Lily into a frozen world that never thaws.

How will the charming Prince Rocco de Rosewood succeed in visiting Chateau de Lily and finding Princess Isabelle when nobody has ever successfully crossed the ice floes?

To Kiss a Prince was crafted to instill reverence for nature. The magnificent evergreen, arbre chéri, is cherished by all the residents of Château de Lily. The tree is honored with a great ceremony each Christmas season, when it is ‘dressed’ for the festivities with bejeweled ornaments. The tree is the heart of the castle, and the people know if it dies, they too will die. It has long been my desire to save trees by using potted Christmas trees, or in this case a tree rooted in the earth, so it may continue to live after the holidays pass. Arbre chéri is a beloved member of the Château de Lily family.

As the story ends, we see that when the witch cast an ice-olation spell on Château de Lily at the request of the de Rosewood family, she actually gave both families the necessary tools to heal their long-standing feud. A bright new beginning was born from the darkness of the curse. Often the solution lies within the problem.

More than anything, I’d like To Kiss a Prince to remind us to dream big, never give up hope, hold love in our hearts, and know that sometimes things fall into place out of the blue, as if an unseen hand – or a touch of magic – has intervened.

Bright Blessings & Happy Holidays to One and All~~


helena fairfax, gemma juliana
Image courtesy of Pixabay

ABOUT GEMMA: Weaving stories brings me joy, whether I’m turning the screws on a character whose back is against the wall, or playing matchmaker. Adding the extra spice of international settings to my stories is fun, and gives me a chance to revisit some global travels. I’ve authored nearly a dozen novelettes, novellas and novels in fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary romance. Many more manuscripts are in various stages of completion, waiting to see the light of day. I live deep in the heart chakra of Texas with my true love in a cozy cottage along with our son and a crafty dog who rules us all. My muse settles for nothing less than the finest chocolates and coffee. Please stop by my website and sign up for my newsletter.

Holiday Magic is available from AmazonNook and other online retailers

You can find Gemma on her Website, on Amazon , and on Facebook

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Your story sounds absolutely magical, Gemma. I love fairy tales, and I love how you describe the magic of Christmas. I can’t wait to read it!

If you’ve enjoyed Gemma’s post, or have any comments at all, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

14 thoughts on “A magical fairy tale for the Christmas holidays by author @Gemma_Juliana

  1. What a delightful story! I loved this line in your article–“new sparkling seeds of fantasy around the season, and to remind everyone that if we really believe in magic, magic might manifest in us, too.” Christmas is a magical time. Thanks for re-affirming it even for us oldsters! Merry Christmas to you and to Helena!!
    JQ Rose

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    1. Thanks for your lovely comments, JQ. I’m so glad you picked up some of those *sparkling seeds* for yourself. I fell in love with that line as it came to me out of the blue. Have a delightful and magical Christmas, and thanks for stopping by today.


  2. I love To Kiss a Prince. It’s so magical and romantic, like a Disney movie, charming and sweet. I’m proud to be in the Holiday Magic anthology with you.

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