How writers shatter people’s dreams, and why I love La La Land

Last week I was featured on the site of book reviewer and blogger Anne Williams. Anne runs a brilliant and popular blog in the UK, and she was recently awarded the “Best Pal” award at the UK’s Book Bloggers Bash Awards.

I’ve followed Anne’s blog for a while and have found many great books there through her insightful reviews. I’m reposting my post on her blog here today.

(Thanks for having me, Ann! :) )

Helena Fairfax Guest Post on Anne Williams’ Blog

It’s always just a little bit more of a pleasure to feature an author when you’ve had the pleasure of meeting them. It was lovely to spend some time with Helena Fairfax at the Book Connectors lunch in Leeds, when I realised (to my shame…) how a couple of her books had sat unread on my kindle for far too long. That won’t happen with her latest though – Felicity at the Cross Hotel looks so much like a book I’d enjoy (and isn’t that cover just gorgeous?), and it’s firmly in my diary for a September read. The perfect book for you too maybe?

Until I can get round to reading, I’m delighted to welcome author Helena Fairfax to Being Anne with a lovely guest post on how writers crush dreams…

Click here to read more

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