Happy 95th birthday to the fabulous children’s author, Judith Kerr

Today is the 95th birthday of one of my favourite authors, and all-round fabulous woman, Judith Kerr. BBC Radio 4 featured a brilliant interview with her this morning, which you can listen to here.

Five years ago I had the privilege of seeing Judith Kerr live in an interview at the Edinburgh Book Festival. I was a great fan before, and now even more so!

In honour of Judith Kerr’s birthday, I’m reposting today the article I wrote in 2013 after seeing her at the Edinburgh Festival.

Happy birthday, Judith!

A fabulous storyteller with a remarkable life

judith kerr, helena fairfaxJudith Kerr is one of the greatest children’s illustrators of our time, and a brilliant storyteller.  A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to listen to her talk at the Edinburgh Book Festival.  Although she’s now ninety years old, she had the whole audience gripped.  When the hour was over – and it zoomed by! – the entire room rose in a standing ovation…

You can read the rest of the article here.


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