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The allure of art nouveau

The art nouveau style is one I absolutely love, and if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I’ve written a post before on this very topic. (Art nouveau, and all about antiques.) Last week the BBC began a series of programmes called  Sex and Sensibility: The Allure of Art Nouveau, and I’ve been absolutely…… Continue reading The allure of art nouveau

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Art nouveau, and all about antiques

Last week I wrote about the history and landscape of London’s Richmond Park, which is one of the settings in my novel, The Antique Love. (Release date 30th August 2013) Some of the action of The Antique Love also takes place in the antique shop run by the heroine, Penny.  Penny’s shop contains an eclectic…… Continue reading Art nouveau, and all about antiques

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A gentle story of passionate love, antiques and romance

What is it about antiques that people love?  I could spend hours browsing in antique shops.  Even my wedding and engagement rings are antiques.  I love the fact there’s a mysterious story behind my rings, that they were once a gift of love and that as things of beauty they are still cherished.  And I…… Continue reading A gentle story of passionate love, antiques and romance