Privacy policy

Thanks for checking out my privacy policy. It’s important people know where their data is being collected on the internet and what it’s being used for.

I’m an author and editor. I don’t use people’s emails to sell them anything or even to contact them at all, except through my blog posts and my newsletter. I never pass emails on to other people.

These are the ways I might receive someone’s email address:

Through my blog

  • If you choose to follow my blog via email, your email address is stored in my statistics by WordPress. If you unfollow me, your email address is automatically removed.
  • If you have your own WordPress site and you follow me through the WordPress “Follow” button, your WordPress website/blog address is stored in my statistics. If you unfollow me, this data is automatically removed.
  • When you comment on my site, any data you give (name, email address, website) is recorded by WordPress along with your IP address. You may request deletion of your comment at any time.

I don’t share or sell any of the above data or use it for sales or marketing purposes, or add you to mailing lists, or contact blog followers/commenters unsolicited in any way except in answer to comments on my blog.

Contact form

If you contact me through my “How to get in touch…” form, your message will come through directly to my email. Your email address is not stored on my WordPress site.


My newsletter is opt-in only. I only send it out occasionally, and I use it for book news, chat, and the occasional free stuff. When you sign up, your email address and IP address are recorded by Mailchimp as per their privacy and data collection information. I only use your email address for my newsletter, and nothing else. I never pass it on to anyone else. You can easily unsubscribe to my newsletter through a link at the bottom every time I send it out. You can also update your data at any time through a link at the bottom of the newsletter, or request to see or delete the data I hold by hitting reply.

I hope I’ve covered everything! Please email me at if you have any queries on your data storage or use, or wish it to be removed or updated.

Thank you!