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Good to meet you…author Mary Curtis

Today’s author gave such delightful and intriguing answers to my questions that I’m left wanting to know much more about her.  Author Mary Curtis once, like me, lived in Yorkshire, but sadly for me she has long since left the north of England, to move to a dream location for writers, thousands of miles away.  Her latest novel is a romantic suspense entitled Luscious and Lethal, and after interviewing Mary today I’m hoping her next book will be her memoirs, as I’d love to know more about her and her interesting life!

mary curtis, romance, novel, romantic, suspense, author

Pleased to meet you, Mary Curtis!

Where do you live, Mary?   I live in the best place in the world for a writer. As I work I can look down to a small cove off a tidal river in Nova Scotia. Today the cove is iced over and the edge of a storm has blanketed the area in more snow. But the view is ever changing. Yesterday a couple of kids cleared a small area to play ice hockey and adults swept an oval to practice sprint skating. The rest of the year a wide variety of ducks fly in and sometimes a seal will beach itself to soak up some sun. The beaches close by are beautiful, then there’s a micro brewery and a vineyard close by—what’s not to like?

Where is your favourite place in the world?  Oh, my, that’s a difficult question to answer. I loved the Isle of Capri and always managed to find quiet places away from the tourist areas. For a long time I wanted to live there. But I also enjoyed Venice and would love to go back again and wander through the glass blowing studios on the island of Murano. I suppose you might say that my favourite place is where I last visited, until another adventure happens.

Being a writer is a great job.  What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?  I shudder to think of it. It was a simple job, putting small electronic components together in a factory. For some reason I was given no training. On my first day I was told to sit at a bench with all these fiddly bits and pieces in front of me and told to slot this here and that there. That was it—two short sentences and they left me to cause mayhem. Every day I worried someone somewhere would plug in this doodad I had assembled and they would be electrocuted. I left the area not long after and never worked in a factory again.

What’s your happiest memory?  It was bleak after the war and there was little to buy and Christmas was just another day. We lived on an abandoned army camp. Christmas morning a small parcel was left at our door. It contained a small wooden toy, handmade by one of the prisoners of war who worked on a nearby farm. He was far from home and lonely. We welcomed him in although we had little to offer. His gift, made from pieces of scrap wood and decorated with a hot poker, is the only thing I have carried with me on all my travels. It rests in yellowed tissue paper and is a reminder that war does not have to create forever enemies.

If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say to them?  Ah, old memories. I would love to meet again the boy (perhaps gone now) who worked in the garden of his parent’s home as I passed to go to school. He was so handsome, dark haired, dark eyed and with a killer smile. He never called out rude suggestions as some other boys did. One day he pulled an apple of the tree that leaned against the wall and held it out to me. He was my first love, although I was too young to date and he was an older man (all of sixteen). What would I say to him now? “I’m sorry I ran away. I really wanted the apple but I was too shy to talk to you.” Opportunities lost.

What would your superpower be, if you could choose one?  I always wanted to fly. To grow gossamer wings so I could zip through the woods gathering wildflowers to deliver to lonely people on Valentine’s Day. Crazy, but you did ask. Okay, I was only seven at the time, but everyone should have a dream.

If you won twenty million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?  Oh, I would have a ball, after I picked myself up off the floor. I would love a trip to England to see my brothers and do some research for my historical novels. Then I would have a bungalow built with a cat den and a housekeeper to take care of us all while I pick away at a new computer. After that, I think I would concentrate on the needs of children: lost, lonely, hungry. No one should go without adequate food and shelter…but, just as important, they need love.

What’s the most important lesson life has taught you?  I learned this very early in life: never, never, never, base your judgement of a person by how they look, dress or present themselves. I have known some wonderful people who are unlikely heroes and yet have done extraordinary things without fanfare.

mary curtis, romance, romantic, novel, suspense, author

And finally, please tell us about your latest book, where we can find it, and where we can find your blog/website.

My first contemporary romantic suspense, Luscious & Lethal was published late last year by MuseItUp Publishing. Luscious & Lethal is the first book in a series, the Gilded River Chronicles, about women from Away who left behind secrets and heartbreak to make a new life. First came Dani, a full-figured model who excelled in a business that usually worships at the altar of the undernourished. After an abusive marriage and the loss of her unborn child, Dani is in search of a peaceful haven to set up her design business. Unfortunately she finds that her new home on a quiet cove may not be the haven she thought it would be. Someone stalks the dark woods and a murderer is on the loose. Then there’s the sexy but arrogant neighbour who decides Dani is a prize worth winning.

I’m having fun researching the next story in the Gilded River Chronicles. This time my heroine is an artist who hides a devastating secret. Of course, there is always a romance and bad guys to battle.

Please leave a comment and visit my website:

This was fun, Helena. Thank you for having me. Now I better get back to work.

Thank you so much for coming, Mary.  And if you do ever win the lottery, I hope you’ll visit me here in Yorkshire – it would be great to have you and to talk with you some more.

If you, like I do, wish you could ask Mary some more about her books and her interesting memories, please leave a comment.  We’d love to hear from you!


11 thoughts on “Good to meet you…author Mary Curtis

    1. Hi, Scott: Thanks for dropping by and for the kind words. I have been following you too as I do quietly for many MusItUp writers. Good luck with your book and onwards..


    1. I’m glad you liked it, Suzanne. I agree, Mary gave great answers that left me intrigued to find out more. And as for reading blogs – maybe you should look at some of my other posts. There might be something else there to interest you – you never know til you try! :)


  1. Hey, Helena. I’m a new Muse It Up author and wanted to stop by. Loved this interview. Wow, Mary, such deep answers. Your book sounds intriguing. I’ll add it to my TBR stack. Good luck with sales.


    1. I’m so glad you stopped by, Marsha. I’m a little tardy in welcoming your comment, my appologies. A nasty fall on ice prevented me from being able to work at the keyboard. But what nice comments, they helped make my day. Thak you and good luck with your book. I will check it out.


  2. Great interview, ladies. The setting of Luscious & Lethal sounds very similar to the place where you live, Mary. I wonder if you ever felt like the stalker might be around when you ventured outside while working on the book. :-)


    1. Oh, my! Now you have triggered a memory, Edith. I haven’t been sleeping well due to an injury after a fall on ice. At three in the morning, three nights ago, I was unable to sleep and wandered into my en-suite washroom for a glass of water. The window was open a tad. Suddenly smoke from a cheroot drifted in from below the window. No one here smokes, unless the cats are rolling their own, my nearest neighbors are touring in the States, the folks up the hill and through the trees were snowbound…so who was out there? So you may be right. But I sure as heck wasn’t going out there to check. Maybe the incident will end up in the next book in the Gilded River Chronicles. Thanks for dropping in and good luck with the nomination for your book.


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