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Heather Greenis on how dreams inspired her writing

Today the talented Heather Greenis is back on my blog with some news about her upcoming releases.  (You may remember Heather’s first visit in June.)

In fact Heather would have been back last week, but had to postpone because her team had reached the next level of a major curling championship.  How exciting is that!  Congrats on your team’s achievements, Heather.  Lovely to have you back!


heather greenis, helena fairfax, natasha's dreamThank you so much for hosting me, again.

My how time flies.  March 2012 I submitted a manuscript for Natasha’s Dream to three publishers and crossed my fingers.  Eight months later, the amazing email arrived from MuseitUp Publishing. They offered me my first contract and I cried.

I submitted the second book, Natasha’s Diary in March 2013, the third, Natasha’s Hope May 2013 and submitted the final manuscript, Natasha’s Legacy in June 2013.

I am one week away from the launch date for the third book.  I have one book to go.  What an incredible ride.

I find it interesting to read how others began writing at an early age. In school, I hated multiple choice and true and false questions but love writing essays.  I aced them, every time. It didn’t click that I could or should write.

My husband saw the potential and suggested it. I knew I fell in love with him for a reason. Writing has become more than a hobby, it is a passion.

The concept for the Natasha Saga began with a dream and my imagination had fun with it. I’ve always been a fan of a good drama with a touch of mystery. Something that makes a person think. When I need a breather, I enjoy something light that makes me chuckle.

I have a rather active imagination and with that comes some rather strange dreams. Fortunately, over the years I have learned to manipulate them. As a bonus, I remember them in extensive detail the following morning. A dream inspired the basic storyline. Then my overactive imagination developed the characters and the detail.

In my spare time I assist the Healing Cycle, Hospice Palliative Care. I am also actively involved with the local curling club, currently volunteering my time teaching children when I’m not curling. I’m proud to say I was on a team that won our zones, went to regionals and was two wins away from going to the provincials in curling.

I have a passion for travel, photography and gardening.

We have a lot of non domestic critters hanging around our property that include squirrels, chipmunks, birds, deer, wild turkeys and rabbits. We have one domestic critter. Our dog thinks she’s the boss. Give her treats, walks, playtime and snuggles and she’s a happy camper.

My books are available through my publisher, Museitup Publishing and all major on-line distributors of ebooks

helena fairfax, heather greenis, natasha's dreamNatasha’s Dream Book 1 in the Natasha Saga

Natasha’s dream is to escape a horrid future. The reserved young woman unexpectedly rebels in search of something very different. But there are consequences.

Growing up, her only friends were her brothers and Nanny. In her parent’s mind, she was a mistake. As a result of an innocent swim, she discovered life existed beyond the walls of her home. Families, peers, underprivileged children. Can a dream turn into reality? Anything is possible, but dreams come with consequences that not only affect her, but those she loves. What is Natasha willing to risk to persevere?

helena fairfax, heather greenis, natasha's diaryNatasha’s Diary Book 2 in the saga

More than a collection of inner thoughts, the diary becomes a blueprint for future generations. Will history repeat itself?

Keeghan’s subconscious has played tricks on her in the past, but she’s normally able to control the outcome of her dreams. No such luck with this story. The mystery magnifies when her husband William discovers something else by the eroding sea wall, something that peaks their curiosity even further. Now, Keeghan wants the saga to continue. Drawn into the story more than she was prepared for, she needs answers.

Hope is growing up quickly. She’s intelligent, independent, and stubborn. Negative traits inherited from both her parents surface at inconvenient times. Will her beauty help or hinder her?

A tragedy. Stewart is forced to make a decision that will affect his life and the rest of his family. Then, an encounter that changes everything. Is he ready for this? Has Stewart’s past really been left behind? Will history repeat itself? Trust, integrity, and tradition all come into question.

helena fairfax, heather greenis, natasha's hopeNatasha’s Hope Book 3 – launching March 14, 2014

Tragedies reshape Stewart’s plans and Hope’s dreams. Is the future of the orphanage at risk?

Natasha’s Hope – Having read the diary, Hope desperately wants the world to evolve according to her dreams. Through Adam, Hope finds an inner strength she never knew existed. Life-threatening events test her inner resolve and purpose in life.

Coming soon – Natasha’s Legacy – the conclusion to the saga – launching June 2014

My website has all the different links to purchase my books:

contact me at

MuseItUp Booktore


Thanks so much for coming back, Heather.  As someone who looks out on a row of terraced houses, I loved what you had to say about your garden wildlife.  What a lovely environment!  And what great work you do as a volunteer.

Congratulations on all your releases, and wishing you much luck!

If you have any questions or comments at all for Heather, please get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you!

9 thoughts on “Heather Greenis on how dreams inspired her writing

  1. Heather, congratulations on your amazing series! I wish I could remember my dreams in the morning, I think…LOL..What a thrill to go so far in the curling tournaments. Lots of teamwork, I’m sure. And finally, give your hubby a kiss for encouraging you to write and for his support. Best wishes for your continued success in writing AND curling!


  2. Heather, congratulations on your many books and, as José Picada would say, on your “curling prowess.”

    Helena, for some reason, it surprises me that your view is a row of houses. I picture you in a quaint cottage in the middle of a windswept moor! :)


  3. Thanks for the comments, Heather and J.Q. A friend asked if I was interested in joining her team for a curling competition. We were shocked when we won our zones. A three hour drive took us to regionals. It was a great girls weekend. A double knockout, we won 2 and lost 2. We were two wins away from going to provincials. Not bad considering we played our first game as a team at the zones.
    JQ – I know I’m fortunate for having such a supportive hubby. He is truly my soul mate even though there are days. He chuckled as I read that to him.
    I always pictured Helena living in a home with a beautiful scenic view as well


  4. Congrats, Heather, on your upcoming 3rd release. How exciting that must be! I dream vividly, too. Even as a teenager I did. One of my daughters does also. Just as I regaled my parents with what to them must’ve seemed boring details that were only clear to me, she did the same to DH and me. LOL I got it. He really didn’t.
    I”m clearly not seeing what the rest of you are in Helena’s banner. It looks like the wide skies of the moors. Where are you getting the houses?
    The MIU family is so fun. :)
    Congrats again, Heather and continued good fortune with your writing.


  5. Penny – It’s an olympic winter sport. Played on the ice with granite rocks and brooms. It requires a brain and is a good workout. A friend told me 15 minutes on the ice is equal to a half hour of aerobics. The sport involves physics, math, teamwork, communication etc. I began playing in high school.



  6. Thanks for all your great comments, everyone, and for stopping by! And thanks for the curling explanation, Heather. I’ve seen curling at the Winter Olympics this year – I think the British team did quite well- and wondered what the rules were, as I couldn’t work out what was gong on! This explains it!
    And Heather and Heather, I live on the edge of a town, about a ten minute car ride from the edge of moors. I quite like it, as there are shops, cafes, pubs and a chippie (fish and chip shop) just round the corner. There’s a lot of traffic passing through, which is a downside in pretty much every English town, but at least quiet open country is within easy reach.
    Thanks again for your great post, Heather!


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